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Why should you use a recruitment agency?

Posted in General News on 30th June 2022

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Recruitment consultancies get a lot of stick, mostly deserved. However, there are a lot of good agencies out there who offer real value to their clients. Service offerings from agencies have become misconstrued and that has devalued their reputation as an industry. In this article we will discuss 7 benefits of why you should use a recruitment agency and how it benefits you.

Extended reach for the best talent:

The use of a recruitment agency is able to facilitate a need in a particular market and therefore become ‘specialists’ in their niche. Due to this focus on one discipline, talent acquisition specialists build up a wealth of candidates appropriate to their chosen specialist. To that end, recruiters will have an in-depth database of candidates which will not be so easily accessible to the wider market. This enables them to provide organisations with talent which their own internal resources simply cannot reach.

Saves Time:

Internally, hiring is a secondary function of most roles, HR, Technical Lead, Managing Director etc. As such, bringing in new talent can be rushed and the best quality of candidate often neglected. Extending the hiring demands to an external source enables the hiring manager to do what they do best, their job. Agencies can offer initial screening to filter-out unsuitable candidates. They ensure that only the most relevant CVs sent to the hiring manager. All in aid of making the process as streamlined as possible.

Market Expertise:

This is where the term ‘recruitment consultant’ comes from. Due to them operating in a niche they can offer a consultative approach to their service. They are up to date with the latest trends. Qualifications and industry standards. And can guide both candidates & hiring managers alike through each hiring process. All while providing them with expertise when needed. This ensures that all parties involved are represented and managed correctly whilst receiving informed guidance & tips where necessary.

Receive candidates not applicants:

You may think to yourself, what is the difference? There is however a clear distinction. An applicant is someone who is interested in the role. They are not necessarily the right fit for the position. For example a mailman applying for a software engineer position when they have no experience in coding. Candidates on the other hand are vetted. They are screened and are more relevant for the role. Nothing wastes more time than going through inappropriate applicants; let recruiters do it for you.

Brand Advertisement:

Nothing sounds better than Free Brand Advertisement. Companies spend thousands on advertising, some even millions, so why wouldn’t someone love to get their hands on some free advertising. This is something the use of a recruitment agency can offer, albeit unconventional, word of mouth is the most powerful advert. A recruiter will speak to a candidate and sell the company, the brand and the way of life that organisation can offer. Within the connected world we now live in with LinkedIn and social media platforms etc, that information will be readily passed on at zero cost. Suddenly your brand is being spoke about to dozens, even hundreds of people. This, from a marketing point of view, opens you company up to far more candidates and potential customers.

Extension to your business:

The use of a recruitment agency can be an extension to your internal resourcing team. They embed themselves into your culture to understand who you are, why your business set up and all the bits which have followed. They want to represent you as if they worked for you. Having this outlook from your recruitment partner enables them to source the best candidates for your business not only technically but from a culture point of view. Correctly implemented, consultants gain a better understanding of your process, manage each process efficiently with little hassle on your end, streamlining the hiring period and enabling you to save MORE time. Have you ever been annoyed at someone for giving you 30mins of your day back?

Salary Insights:

This service offering can help you 2-fold. Firstly, the consultant will be speaking to hundreds of candidates a week and getting an understanding of what the average market rate is for particular roles. How does that benefit you? It benefits you because they can advise you on market rates for roles which you may be unsure on or cannot find the right candidate in salary bracket you’re aiming for. Secondly, they can outline candidates’ salaries early, they discuss current salary, minimum salary sought, current bonuses and allowances etc. Hiring directly can cause issues through the process because if the candidate receives an offer which is below what they were expecting due to it not being outlined from the outset, it can cause more candidates to be lost.

To conclude, agencies offer real value for their clients. It is simply malpractice which is where the stigma comes from and not what the entire industry itself.

Having reviewed the benefits, has this change your thoughts on recruitment consultants? 

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